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R/V Yunus S., 2010-03-26, 2010-03-31, CRUISE REPORT

Gasperini Luca, Giovanni Bortoluzzi, $^1$
Giuditta Marinaro, Davide Embriaco, $^2$
Cristina La Fratta, Franco Italiano, $^2$
Sinan Özeren , Umut Baris Ülgen, $^3$
Dursun Acer, Zeynep Erden, Nazik Ögretmen, $^3$
Nilay Sasa, Ayse Kaplan, $^3$,
Pascal Pelleau, Ronan Approioul,$^4$, Anke Ulrike Dannowski, $^5$

$^1$ ISMAR-CNR, Bologna,

$^2$ INGV, Rome,

$^3$ ITU-EMCOL, Istanbul

$^4$ IFREMER, Brest,

$^5$ IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel

\vspace{02.00mm} \large {\text...
...e {\textit{\textbf{Bologna, April 2010}}}

Many of the designations used by the manufacturers and sellers to promote their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designation appear in the Report and ISMAR-CNR was aware of a trademark claim the designations have been printed in all caps. In addition, we have reported some of them in the Production Notes below in this page and in the ACRONYM table thereinafter. Nothing in this document is meant to imply any endorsement or recommendation, positive or negative, concerning any systems or programs mentioned herein. The data presented hereafter is the property of CNR and of the Joint Research Program. Unauthorized use of the data would be considered unfair. Many of the systems and programs used to generate data are 'free' because either they are either public domain or the licences are roughly equivalent to the GNU Public License. Some programs are either commercial or have more restrictive licenses and may require payment. Where known, programs and systems that are not `free' are acknowledged.

ISMAR-CNR Cataloging-In-Publication data: ISMAR Bologna TECHNICAL REPORT
Maintanance And Redeployment Of Sn-4 Observatory. Recovery Of Obs And Piezometers. Ec Esonet Marmara Demo Mission,
R/V Yunus S., 2010-03-26, 2010-03-31. by Gasperini L., Bortoluzzi G., Marinaro G., Innocenzi L., La Fratta C., S. Özeren , U. Baris Ülgen, Dursun Acer, Zeynep Erden, Nazik Ögretmen, Nilay Sasa, Ayse Kaplan, Pascal Pelleau, Ronan Approioul, Anke Ulrike Dannowski

Includes bibliographical reference and index.
1. tectonics 2. active faults 3. paleoseismology 4. seismology 5. Sea of Marmara

Abstract -

Sommario -

Reproduced by ISMAR-CNR from camera-ready proofs supplied by the authors.
Available in the PDF formats. Available also in other formats, upon request.

Copyright ©  2010 by ISMAR-CNR - Via Gobetti 101 40129 Bologna, Italy.

Production Notes - The document was edited with standard text editors, typeset with L.Lamport's LATEX, translated to PostScript with dvips and printed with an A4 laser printer. The full production was done on a Linux box with GNU-GPL software. Converted to HTML by N.Drakos's LATEX2HTML and to PDF by Alladin Ghostscripts's ps2pdf. Most of the maps included were produced by Wessel and Smith's GMT package. Some drawings were produced by xfig ( Non PostScript images were converted by John Bradley's xv or other public-domain packages, among them convert.

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