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TIR10: R/V URANIA CRUISE REPORT, 2010-10-19, 2010-10-28

Marco Ligi$^1$, Davide Scrocca$^2$ Carlo Doglioni$^{2,8}$
Marco Cuffaro$^{2,8}$, Marco Sacchi$^3$
Giovanni Bortoluzzi$^1$, Filippo D'Oriano$^{1,9}$, Marco Pastore$^{1,9}$
Filippo Muccini$^4$
Sabina Bigi$^{2,8}$, Aida Maria Conte$^5$, Alfonsa Milia$^4$, Cristina Perinelli$^6$
Grant Buffett$^{7}$,Richard Hobbs$^{10}$

$^1$ ISMAR    $^2$ IGAG    $^3$ IAMC
$^4$ INGV    $^5$ IGG    $^6$ UNIPI    $^7$CSIC
$^8$ UNIROMA1    $^9$ UNIBO    $^{10}$ DURHAM

\vspace{02.00mm} \large {\text...
...\textit{\textbf{Bologna, November 2010}}}

Many of the designations used by the manufacturers and sellers to promote their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designation appear in the Report and ISMAR-CNR was aware of a trademark claim the designations have been printed in all caps. In addition, we have reported some of them in the Production Notes below in this page and in the ACRONYM table thereinafter. Nothing in this document is meant to imply any endorsement or recommendation, positive or negative, concerning any systems or programs mentioned herein. The data presented hereafter is the property of CNR and of the Joint Research Program. Unauthorized use of the data would be considered unfair. Many of the systems and programs used to generate data are 'free' because either they are either public domain or the licences are roughly equivalent to the GNU Public License. Some programs are either commercial or have more restrictive licenses and may require payment. Where known, programs and systems that are not `free' are acknowledged.

ISMAR-CNR Cataloging-In-Publication data: ISMAR Bologna TECHNICAL REPORT
TIR2010 R/V URANIA CRUISE REPORT, 2010-10-19, 2010-10-28: Acquisition Of Multichannel Seismic Reflection Profiles In The Central And Southern Tyrrhenian Sea. by

Incmludes bibliographical reference and index.
1. ultichannel Seismic Reflections 2. Active Faults 3. Seismic Hazard 4. Sesimic Oceanography 5. Central and Southern Tyrrhenian Sea


summary of methodologies, technical details and ship-board results of the TIR2010 geophysical, geological and oceanographical survey in the Central and Southern Tyrrhenian Sea with R/V Urania  is presented.

Sommario - Vengono presentati le metodologie e l'insieme dei risultati ottenuti durante la campagna TIR2010. E' stata utilizzata la nave da ricerca R/V Urania  del CNR,

Reproduced by ISMAR-CNR from camera-ready proofs supplied by the authors.
Available in the HTML and PDF formats. Available also in other formats, upon request.
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Copyright ©  2010 by ISMAR-CNR - Via Gobetti 101 40129 Bologna, Italy.

Production Notes - The document was edited with standard text editors, typeset with L.Lamport's LATEX, translated to PostScript with dvips and printed with an A4 laser printer. The full production was done on a Linux box with GNU-GPL software. Converted to HTML by N.Drakos's LATEX2HTML and to PDF by Alladin Ghostscripts's ps2pdf. Most of the maps included were produced by Wessel and Smith's GMT package. Some drawings were produced by xfig ( Non PostScript images were converted by John Bradley's xv or other public-domain packages, among them convert.

Table 1: Acronyms of Organizations, Manufacturers and Products
CNR Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche
DTA Department Earth and Environment
IGAG Institute Environ. Geology and Geoengineering
ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine
IAMC Istituto per l'Ambiente Marino Costiero
IGG Istituto di Geoscience e Georisorse
INGV Istituto naz. geofisica e Vulcanologia
UNIROMA1 Universitá di Roma La Sapienza
UNIBO Universit'of Bologna
UNIPI Universitá of Pisa
CSIC Consejo de Superior de Investigations Cientificas
DURHAM Durham University
SEG Soc. of Exploration Geophysicists
XTF Extended Triton Format
UNESCO United Nations Scient. and cultural org.
IOC Intergov. Oceanogr. Comm. of UNESCO
IHO Int. Hydrographic Organization
GPS-DGPS-RTK Global Positioning System
DTM Digital Terrain Model
SRTM Shuttle Radar Topogr.Mission
OBS Ocean Bottom Seismometer
SBP Sub Bottom Profiling
PSU Practical Salinity Scale
XBT Expendable BathyTermograph
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
UTC Universal Time Coordinated
WGS84 World Geodetic System 1984
NMEA National Marine Electronics Association
SO.PRO.MAR. Societa' Promozione lavori Marittimi Fiumicino (Italy)
SBE Sea Bird Electronics
BENTHOS Teledyne Benthos
SIS Sea Floor Inf. System
KONGSBERG Kongsberg Maritime
COMM-TECH Communication Technology
NEPTUNE Simrad MBES Software
GMT Generic Mapping Tool

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